211 Helpline Center Data Dashboard

In January 2021, the Helpline Center launched its helpline call data dashboard. Designed by Benchmark Data Labs, the dashboard helps the Helpline Center share its work…

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Early Learner South Dakota Data Dashboard

In November 2020, Early Learner South Dakota launched its inaugural data dashboard, produced in collaboration with Benchmark Data Labs and South Dakota…

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Covid-19 Impact on South Dakota Nonprofits Round 2

In early 2020 the Covid-19 spread across the globe, affecting nearly all aspects of life. The full effects of Covid-19 are still unknown, but the immediate and medium-term effects on…

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COVID-19 Impact on South Dakota Nonprofits

South Dakota‚Äôs nonprofits faced unique and difficult challenges as they responded to the effects of COVID-19. To measure this impact, Benchmark Data Labs worked with a group of collaborative funders…

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