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The following video showcases the functionality and download capabilities of our interactive data dashboards.

The following is a summary of how to navigate our South Dakota data dashboards, download the data, and get the most out of this product. All of our dashboards are fully interactive and allow you to explore the data. Each of our dashboards also look and function similarly. if you know how to operate one, you know how to operate all of them

Each dashboard has an overview page with a menu bar at the top. This menu allows the user to navigate to different breakdowns for the indicator. 

Use your mouse to hover over a data point, or if on mobile tap a data point, to see greater detail and dig deeper into the data.

The most current year of data is the default setting for all of our dashboards. You can view data for a different year using the “Select Year” button. 

Our dashboards also help you understand how your area compares to the state and nation. Use the “Select Comparison Geography” button to pick a South Dakota county or reservation. 

When you select a year or comparison geography it will remain the same across all of the different data breakdowns.

You can also explore some time trend data in more detail. Use the button by the line graph to select a more detailed breakdown of the data. 

Interested in sharing this data? Click the download as PDF button and then select “select specific sheets from workbook” and then “Select All” to download the report with a cover page. Need the raw excel data? click on the download excel button to get each data breakdown for all years available

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